HoneyDukes - HoneyDukes

Honeydukes is a sweet shop that was founded in Hogsmeade in 1641. The shop is run by Ambrosius Flume and his wife. The sweet shop is a popular destination for Hogwarts students visiting Hogsmeade on weekends and during the Christmas season. The interior of the store is decorated With mint green shelves and a cotton candy spiral staircase.

Taplucha is also home to the secret tunnel of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, directly in the basement of the sweet shop. On the third floor of Hogwarts is a large stone statue of Ganhilda Gorsemore. By tapping the back of the statue with your wand and saying the spell 'Dysendum', you will open the back of the statue - a secret passage that follows a short cool stone staircase.

Taplucha is first mentioned in the book "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban". Here we will meet such sweets as: Chocolate frogs, Bertie Bott candies of all flavors , Fudge Flies, Sugar Quills, Chocoballs, Acid Pops and others.

In addition to the sweets mentioned above, you can also buy different flavors of ice cream, empty glass jars with the Taplucha logo , and drinks such as pumpkin juice and gillywaver. Other sweet treats include fudge, candy apples, and baked goods.

In the movie "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" we find such cards as chocolate frogs, which comes with a famous wizard's card and can be purchased at the card shop.

List of sweets:

  • Sour lollipops
  • Bat blood soup
  • Bertie Bott's Candy of All Flavors
  • Blood flavored lollipops
  • Cauldron cakes
  • Charming chocolate
  • A large chocolate candy
  • Chocolate pots
  • Chocolate frogs
  • Chocolate skeletons
  • Chocolate sticks
  • crazy chocolate
  • A bunch of cockroaches
  • Crystallized pineapple
  • Puffed chocolate
  • Chocolate flies
  • Glacial snowflakes
  • Taflucha's best chocolate
  • Liquor wand
  • Peppermint toad
  • Pink coconut ice
  • Salt water tophita
  • Skeleton candy
  • candied coriander
  • Sugar Butterfly Wings
  • sugar pens
  • Dental floss.

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