Wizarding schools in the world of Harry Potter

The world of Harry Potter is endlessly diverse and fascinating. It will surprise even the most dedicated Potterhead with new magical details, theories, facts and stories about various characters, schools and magic. We're sure you've heard stories about many wizarding schools like Hogwarts, but haven't gotten enough information.

This article will introduce you to the most famous schools in the wizarding world, which have produced many famous wizards.


The Bobaton Academy of Magic is located in the Pyrenees in southern France. The etymology of the name comes from the French words "beaux" and "baton", which means a beautiful stick in Georgian. The Bobaton building is an old French style chateau surrounded by beautiful gardens and fountains. Bobaton was famous for its research on alchemy, and its beautiful building was built by the successful alchemists of Bobaton. The director of the school is Madame Olympe Maxim. Bobaton's coat of arms features two golden staves carved with three stars. The coat of arms is in yellow and green colors.

Students from all over Europe came to study at the Bobaton Academy. Quantitatively, the number of students exceeded Hogwarts. If they passed the BA exams, they would have to study for 5 years instead of 6 years.

Bobaton graduated from such famous magicians as: Nicolas Flamel, Perenelle Flamel, Fleur Delacour, Gabrielle Delacour and others.


Durmstrang was once considered one of the schools with the darkest reputation in the wizarding world, and not unfairly. Throughout its history, Durmstrang has twice fallen into the hands of a sorcerer with dubious goals and ambitions. 

The first time this happened was when Harfang Münter became the headmaster of the school, as a result of the sudden death of Durmstrang's legendary Bulgarian founder Nerida Vulchanova. It was during Münter's reign that Durmstrang gained a dark reputation, as Münter placed particular emphasis on learning martial arts and spells (these subjects still form a significant part of Durmstrang's curriculum). He also forbade the reception of a mage of any origin other than purebloods.

For the second time, Durmstrang fell into the hands of questionable rulers when Igor Karkarov, a world-renowned Death Eater, was appointed headmaster of the school. Many parents even decided to change schools for their children because of this fact. When Voldemort returned, Karkaroff resigned as headmaster and returned to his deathblow.

In addition to being a sick teacher, Durmstrang also raised sick students. One of the most powerful dark wizards of the 20th century is Gellert Grindelwald.

Despite its dark past, we can say that Durmstrang is currently in a period of revival and the new director has implemented important reforms. As a result, famous wizards such as Quidditch star Viktor Krum appeared among Durmstrang's graduates.

Durmstrang is believed to be located in the northern part of Europe, the exact location remains a strict secret under Harfang Münter's decree.

V Agadu

Wagadu is a witch school located in the Moon Mountains in western Uganda. Wagadou was founded more than 1000 years ago. It is located directly on the slopes of the Moon Mountains. Of the 11 schools of witchcraft in Africa, it is the largest, receiving students from all over Africa.

Wagadu is famous for the fact that in this school, students are taught to cast spells without magic wands, using hand gestures. Magic wands are an invention of Europeans and Africans see little need to use them.

Unlike Hogwarts, students who get to Wagadu do not receive a letter. In their sleep, they dream of a school principal who gives them a stone. Those who have awakened already hold this stone, which says that they have been accepted into the Wagadu School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


This ancient Japanese school has the least number of students compared to the other eleven schools of magic.  Mahutokoro accepts students from the age of 7.  The school's elaborate and richly decorated mansion is built of white jade and stands on the top of the "uninhabited" (or so the Muggles think) volcanic island of Minami Iwo Jima.

Upon arrival, the students are gifted with enchanted cloaks, which grow in size as the student grows and change color depending on how he learns. At first, the robes are pink (the weakest color) and if they take the highest grade in all magical items, the robes turn gold. If the robe turns white, it indicates that the student has violated the International Statute of Secrecy and has revealed the existence of wizards to Muggles. "Whitewashing" is the biggest disgrace in the school, which entails the expulsion of this student from Mahutokoro School and the initiation of a lawsuit at the Japanese Ministry of Magic.


Mahutokoro School is also very famous for its Quidditch set, which according to legend was brought to Japan centuries ago by enterprising Hogwarts students who decided to fly around the world with Quidditch brooms. Mahutokoro's Quidditch team is called Toyohashi and has won the Quidditch World Cup many times. The Toyohashi members go through some pretty tough training before they hit the Quidditch pitch - they have to balance on a broomstick in Japan's raging ocean while dealing with Muggle jets flying overhead in the direction of America.


 A Russian school of magic registered with the International Confederation of Magicians.  The students of Koldovstorec played a version of Quidditch where they flew uprooted trees instead of brooms.


The Ilvermorne School of American Witchcraft is located in Mount Greylock, Massachusetts. It accepts students from all over North America.

Ilvermorne was founded by Irish immigrants Isolt Sayer and her non-wizard husband James Steward in 1627, 637 years after Hogwarts was founded. Initially, the school was a residence of the couple  Sayer and his wife built it with their own hands. They themselves taught their own children magic. Mother and father were teachers, and adopted children - Chadwick and Webster - were students. Each of the four family members founded one club with the following names:

1. Thunderbird - Founded by Chadwick, favors adventurers. Pompertina Goldstein was caught in Thunderbird.

2. Wampus - Founded by Webster, favors warriors. Webster Booth was caught in Wampus.

3. Horned Serpent - Founded by Isolt, favors science. Seraphina Picker was caught in the Horned Serpent.

4. Pakwidge - Founded by James, favors healers. Queenie Goldstein was caught in the fray. 

The distribution of clubs at Ilvermorne, unlike at Hogwarts, took place in a small circular hall that was darkened. Around the hall there were wooden statues of the school's four club mascots. The student would stand in the center of the hall and the mascots would signal which club they wanted to take him to. The green crystal in the Horned Serpent's mascot's forehead would light up if the Horned Serpent wanted to take a new recruit with him, the Wampus statue would roar, Thunderbird would flap its wings, and Pacquiage would shoot arrows into the air.

Ilvemorne's school uniform was blue and burgundy. Corresponding to the different clubs, the embroidery of the respective club on the chest of the mantle was different. All mantles were fastened with a golden brooch.

Castelo Bruxo

Castelobruxo was a Brazilian school of witchcraft and wizardry that recruited students from all over South America.

Castelobruxo is located in the middle of the Amazon jungle. The building reminds you of an Inca temple. Like Hogwarts, Castello Bruxo would be a dangerous ruin for a Muggle.

Castelobruxo is known as the best school of herbology and magiziology in the world. 

The school uniform is green with yellow stripes lined with blue. 

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