Gringotts Card

The Gringotts Card is a loyalty card from the Ollivander Group, through which users can collect galleons (points) and then exchange them for the item of their choice.

The user is charged 2% of the amount spent on the card. 1 galleon (the same 1 point) equals 1 GEL. Accumulated points can be exchanged in all Ollivander Group brand branches:

1. Ollivander's shop

2. Superhero store

3. Jelly Bell

Gringotts card is also a voucher - it can be opened in the name of a specific person and a gift amount can be charged to the card.

Gringotts card can be opened both in branches and online. For this, please fill in the following information in the fields below:

- name surname

- mobile number

- Address

- Month of birth