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Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Candy

Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Candy


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🧁 Bertie Bott was a confectioner who accidentally created all the flavor candy. He dedicated his life entirely to creating confectionery and sweets.

💡 At the beginning of the twentieth century, he made such a mistake that made him famous. Accidentally dirty socks were placed in it while preparing candies 🧦 Bertie saw the potential to sell sweets, which he originally called "Risk in everyone's Mouth", after which the bot started selling it and named it "Bertie Bot's All Flavors Candy".

🐸 For the invention of this genius sweets, it is depicted on a chocolate frog card. In 1993-94 at the Hogwarts School of Magic and Witchcraft, his portrait guarded the Saudi room with a password "Bible".

🍌  Bananas, black peppers, cranberries, noseworm, cotton ice cream, cherry, cinnamon, mud, ground worm, ear sulfur, grass, green apple, lemon, marshmallow, lame egg, sausage, soap,  sauerkraut, watermelon - these are the flavors that can come up to 🦄 you in each packaging which taste you will encounter until you taste it!


⛔️ Allergen Information: gluten, gelatin, peanuts, dairy products and fat-free,


 ✅ Contains eggs 🥚

✅ 🕎Fabrics are Kosher

✅ Does not contain GMO

🍭 Net weight: 34 g

 🍬 Main ingredients: sugar, corn syrup and

Feeding starch.

2% or less contains: blueberry puree,

 Lemon puree, banana puree, cherry juice conifer watermelon juice concrete, apple juice concrete, black pepper, citric acid, maltodextrin

 Natural and artificial aromas and colors.


Energy value:

 Nutritional Information  Ingredients for every 100 grams
Energy 1547kJ/364kcal
Fat 0 Gram
      - Saturated among them 0 Gram
Carbohydrates 91 Gram
        - Including sugars 62 Gram
Protein 0 Gram
0.12 Gram


 To see a detailed list, see Boxes
Manufacturer: "JellyBelly" Ltd, Fairfield, California, USA
Importer in Georgia: Olivander Group LLC



კოდი: 071567998338ლი

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