Nagin collectible stick

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🧝‍♀️ Nagin was an Indonesian sorcerer whose family was cursed with Maledictus. The maledictus curse is genetically only passed on to females. The bearer of this curse turns into a wild animal and can no longer regain human form. At first, maledictus bearers can assume the form of a wild animal at will, but eventually they become uncontrollable and eventually lose their human form.

🐍 Nagin was also the bearer of Maledictus. He could turn into a snake. Nagini was found by the owner of an American circus, Skender, in the jungles of Indonesia, and after that she became a part of his circus, where Nagini surprised the audience with her ability to transfigure.

🕸 In 1994, when Nagini lost her ability to return to human form, she was found by Lord Voldemort and turned into his Horcrux ⚱️

Length of stick : 33 cm

Box dimensions: 42.5 cm x 8 cm x 3 cm

Material: The stick is made of ceramic and has a metal core for strength, so it needs to be handled with extra care!

⚠️ Warning! The stick is intended to be used for collectible purposes. This is not a toy, intended for adults aged 15+.

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